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Published 21st March 2020, 3:42pm

Recognising that employment for work permit holders may be disrupted by the COVID-19, and that persons may not be able to leave before the temporary closure of Owen Roberts International Airport on Sunday (22 March 2020), the Ministry of Community Affairs is actively looking at ways to extend one-off or temporary support to expats in need.

Ministry staff will work over the weekend and into next week to provide guidance and additional information by next Friday (27 March) on such provisions.

The Ministry appreciate that this is a uniquely challenging time for everyone in the Cayman Islands. It therefore asks that work permit holders directly affected by the economic consequences of the pandemic be patient while a workable way forward is arranged.

As the Needs Assessment Unit (NAU) continues to work diligently to assist vulnerable Caymanians, the Ministry requests that those work permit holders in need await further notice and guidance.